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Major Projects Completed

S.No. Client/Organization Name of Work/Project & Location Value Of Work On completion (in Lakhs) date commencement per contract. Actual date Of completion.
1. M/S Teracom Industries Ltd Pantnagar, Uttarakhand "Construction of industrial Pantnagar, Uttarakhand building LOCATION : Pantnagar, Uttarakhand” 435 Lakhs JUl- 2008 Jan- 2009
2 M/S GD Goenka World School Sohna (Hr.)"Construction of Institutional Building LOCATION: Sohna (Hr.) "490 Lakh Cost excluding cement & steel Oct-2008 Jun-2009
3M/S Hotel Radisson Pvt Ltd Manesar, Haryana"Construction of of Back Office Building LOCATION: Manesar, Haryana " 450 Lakh Cost excluding cement & steel Jul-2008 DEC-2009
4M/S Pioneer PolyLeather Pvt Ltd Pantnagar, Uttarakhand "Construction of Industrial Building LOCATION:PantnagarUttarakhand” 1440 LakhCost Excluding Cement & Steel May-2009 Jan-2011
5 M/S Montage Enterprises Pvt Ltd Haridwar, Uttarakhand "Construction of Industrial Building LOCATION:Haridwar uttarakhand” 768 Lakh Cost Excluding Cement & Steel Dec-2011 May-2012
6 M/S Advance Chemical Industries Ltd.Egypt "Construction of of RCC framed structure factory building LOCATION :Egypt” 3780 Lakh Nov-2011 Jan-2013
7 M/S Uflex Ltd (Chemical Division) Jammu "Construction of Building Plumbing & Sanitary Works LOCATION :Jammu” 2600 Lakh (W.O. Value 1560 Lakhs Without Steel Cement & Taxes Nov-2010 Feb-2013
8 M/S Richfield Industries Pvt Ltd. of Neemrana, Rajasthan "Construction of G+2 RCC framed structure and industrial Building LOCATION:Neemrana,Rajasthan” 1271 Lakh Jul-2012 Apr-2013
9 M/S Parle Agro Pvt Ltd.Varanasi, U.P "Construction of factory and ancillary building including external development and PHE work at Varanasi LOCATION : Varanasi, U.P” 1561 Lakh June-2012 Apr-2013
10 M/S Uflex Limited (Engineering Division) Noida, U.P. "Construction of RCC Framed Structure Multi-storeyed Building with Basement LOCATION : Noida, U.P.” 2950 Lakh (W.O. Value 1859 Without Steel Cement & Taxes June-2012 March-2014
11 M/S National Collateral Management Services Ltd.Kanpur, U.P "Civil & Electrical Works For Construction Of WareHouse At Location :Kanpur,U.P" 1467 Lakh Cost Excluding Cement & Steel Nov-2013 June-2015
12 M/S Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited, New Delhi (Kanpur, U.P.) "Plant Building Works at HPCL RKPL ProjectKanpur, U.P. Trrminal 849 Lakh Dec-2014 Sep-2015
13 M/s UFLEX LTD (MOULDING DIV.)Noida construction of building Location :Noida 1289 Lakh June-2015 Apr.-2016
14 M/s National Dairy Development Board Bhubneshwar Civil structural and Internal Electrical works for 150 MTPD Cattel Feed Plant atJaggannthpur Khurda,Bhubneshwar 1297 Lakh Apr-2015 Aug-2016
15 M/S Bharat Electronics Limited, Banglore Construction of Factory and Acoustic Tank Facility Inside the Factory Location :Banglore 1726 Lakh Oct-2014 Jan-2017
16 Hindustan Aeronautics limited Bangalore Providing Establishment Of Infrastructure facilities for LUH ground test Vehicle Comprising of PEB moving Shelter Location :Bangalore 1240 Lakh Sep-2016 Mar.-2018
17 M/s Ultimate Flexipack HARIDWAR Construction of RCC Framed Structure Building Location : HARIDWAR 2504 Lakh June-2017 July-2018
18 M/s Uflex ltd. Jammu Construction of RCC Framed Structure Building Including Plumbing & Sanitary Work Location : JAMMU 2773 Lakh April-2017 Sep-2018